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Upcoming Events

Click on individual listings below to view or print flyers for free events and services throughout Inyo County.


Due to no registrants this month, the Nov. 23 seminar is canceled. This 2 hour seminar is available every other month and focuses optimal development in the first 3 years of a baby's life. Free to all new and expectant parents, this seminarwill be offered again in Feb 2016, and you can sign up for the upcoming class at anytime by calling 873-6453.


Low-income parents with a child ages 0 to 5 are invited to visit our parent “pop up” toy shop in December. Come to the  First 5 Inyo office at 568 W. Line Street between Dec. 4th and 24th during business hours on weekdays to select a free toy to gift to your child or children. Call Jody at 760-873-6453 with questions, or if you need special accommodation due to your work schedule. Happy Holidays to All!


If you have a child from birth to 5, then your entire family is invited to climb aboard our holiday party Wednesday December 9 at 6 PM. The Senior Center at the back of Bishop City Park will be a winter train depot where we’ll gather for games before settling down to snacks and a movie! Remember the Polar Express picks up passengers in their pajamas, so kids can come in their favorite PJs with pillows, sleeping bags, or blankets to get cozy in as they enjoy the film. Please RSVP for your free tickets to Jody at 873-6453, or email jveenker@inyocounty.us.


Parents of children from birth to age 12 will benefit from this free 8-week course on Tuesday nights. Learn to improve your relationship with your child, encourage them more, manage their misbehavior, and to plan for a bright future! Call 873-6453 or email jveenker@inyocounty.us to register.

We distribute donated diapers of all sizes to help families in need. Please call Jody at
if you have some extras to pass on! Right now we are low on sizes 4 & 5, and wipes!


Link to Grants and Funding Page

The First 5 Inyo Commission has decided to focus on funding Family Strengthening and Early Child Health programs as primary goals until 2020.

Under the goal area of Child Health:


-Northern Inyo Hospital was approved for a grant from 2015 to 2018 to support early birth and breastfeeding supports at their campus. Contracting is currently under way for both birthing classes and a breastfeeding support group that the hospital will offer.

-Early childhood educators, caregivers, health providers, and families are all welcome to participate in our free online Inyo Ages & Stages screening network that is being developed too.

Under the goal area of Family Strengthening:


-First 5 Inyo is also sponsoring the development of a Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) network to offer community wide parenting education. Agencies who want to participate in training and support are welcome to contact 873-6453.

-Early literacy is a primary predictor of a host of lifelong benefits, both for individual children and the communties they will contribute to in their lifetime. To learn more about our Reach Out and Read, Raising A Reader, and early language acquisition programs email jveenker@inyocounty.us.



Five Protective Factors

You can get information about the 5 Protective Factors Framework to help prevent child abuse and neglect in our community below:

First 5 Inyo Protective Factors

Inyo Families United Network

Also visit this local resource guide for contact info to supports  in each of the 5 protective factors categories:

Local Resource Guide 


Link to Minutes and Agendas Page

Our next regular Commission meeting will be Thursday January 21, 2016 at the One Stop conference room in Bishop at 10 AM.  to review our annual audit for approval.

Minutes for November Consent Agenda approval:

October Special Review Mtng

October Commission Mtng

September Commission Mtng

You can access our updated 2014-19 Strategic Plan or click below on the First 5 Inyo Annual Report presentation you'd like to review:

First 5 Inyo Annual Report 2013-14

Family Intake Form Results 2009-2014

Synthesis of Strategies & Sustainability


Link to Media Releases




Reading Railroad

Visit the RR depot at our office on 568 W. Line St. in Bishop to choose from over 2,000 FREE BOOKS! Learn about the importance of early literacy for your child's development with:

Engaging Your Baby with Books

Reading Tips for Babies

Reading Tips for Toddlers

Reading Tips for Preschoolers

Book Suggestions by Age Range


 TURN OFF TV and...


What does your family do for fun instead of watching T.V. ? Follow these links to learn more about:TV-Free Fun, & our Screentime Quiz.


Rethink Your Drink!
Reconsidre Su Bebida!



        Parent Tools (English)

        Parent Tools (Spanish)

        Beverage Suggestions

    English Poster or Spanish Poster


Link to About Us Page
Want to know what First 5 CA and First 5 in each county of CA is about? This short video is a great introduction to the importance of early development and how we've been investing in it for the past 15  years! View below:


Click here for information regarding Contacting Us, Commissioners, Staff, Mission, Vision, & Goals, CCFC Background, 2014-19 Strategic Plan, & Bylaws.


General Parent Info
Parenting Education
Monthly First 5 Developmental Play

Clothes/Toy Exchange
Bishop Park Playgroup Contacts
Incarcerated Parent Support

24/7 Dad Fatherhood Challenge
10 Ways to Be a Better Dad

Daddy's Toolkit Babycare DVD

Also, all 5 Inyo County libraries have been equipped with birthing, baby- proofing your home, and other resource DVDs & books that you can check out for free with a library card.

Online Baby Resource Links:

Expectant Parents
Create a Family Pregnancy Journal

Baby’s First Year Instructional Videos
Breastfeeding Information
Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions
Introducing Solid Foods
Tips for SoothingYour Baby

Car Seat Safety & Installation

Online Toddler Resource Links:

Developing Sense of Self

Building Self Awareness

Teaching About Emotions
Self Care and Daily Routines
Developmental Play
Suggested Toddler Activities


Online Pre-K Resource Links:

Love & Logic for Early Childhood
Positive Discipline Tips
Behavior Management
Tools of the Mind Cognitive Strategies
List of Blogs with tips for incorporating
math, science, & literacy into daily play


Link to Resources Page
Click here for First 5 California Parent Resources and here for County & State Resources.

If you are expecting a baby, or have a newborn, call us for a New Parent Kit. You can also stop by our office at 568 W. Line Street, across from the post office, for child development info or to watch Parenting DVDs.

Pregnancy Tips in English / Spanish

Breastfeeding Tips English /Spanish

Link to Projects Page


1) F.U.N. Team - The F.amilies U.nderstanding N. utrition & fitness Team is a volunteer group dedicated to promoting early child health. Join the F.U.N. Team and help us develop strategies to help families stay fit!

2) Healthy Handfuls Newsletter - a fresh dose of early health info delivered free to your email inbox each month! Sign-up to receive our email newsletter, or check out Healthy Recipes and articles from previous issues.

Past topics include :

importantance of fatherhood stats

autism test interventions

outdoor preschool movement

Inyo kids lack early oral exams

child obesity linked to cavities

feel good foods
breast milk differs day to night

advances in autism

strategies for picky eaters

prenatal food predisposition

motor skill development

snacking suggestions

what is early literacy
healthy halloween alternatives

3) Other F.U.N. Team Resources include activities and food suggestions:

Dad-Oriented Recipes

Summer Recipes

Healthy Recipes 2011

Healthy Recipes 2010

Healthy Recipes 2009

Snack Central

Active Summer Games



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